About Heron Drums


Heron Drums is a UK based company, established by Jonathan Weekes, selling hand crafted Shamanic Drums, facilitating Shamanic Drum Birthing workshops around the country, and supplying quality drum making materials to drum makers worldwide.

Heron Drums began in 2012, and grew out of the Caer Corhrain Shamanic Centre in Kent, before expanding around the rest of the country. Jonathan has shared the art of Shamanic Drum Birthing  in with groups throughout the whole of the UK, supporting hundreds of people in bringing their own sacred medicine tool into being and beginning their relationship with it in an honourable and respectful way.

The drums that are available to purchase on the website are also birthed in ceremony by Jonathan, to honour the animal and the tree and are made from responsibly and ethically sourced materials. Jonathan Weekes is known around the world for the quality and integrity of his work and all of his drums come with a guarantee.

It is also important to us to bring together communities of drummers and all those who are looking to connect with something deeper within themselves. Heron Drums has supported drum circles around the country and helped them to establish themselves and share the simple yet powerful healing of the drum.

It is our mission, in these times of great change, to enable and assist all those who are looking to connect with themselves, with others and with the spirits of the land, by offering these sacred tools that will help them to do so on a deep and powerful level.


Jonathan Weekes: My Journey with the shamanic Drum

I began my journey with my first drum in 2007, when a number of people from my circle and I bought hide drums to work with in healing and for journeying. We, with Dan Livingston, arranged a Drum Awakening Ceremony at our healing group, which continued as a monthly drumming circle and grew from there.

In that time, my drum was a great friend in my personal spiritual journey and played a major part in my work with others, either with drum healing or journeying.  

A few years later, I met Lynn Gosney and all the others in the Caer Corhrain community and was shown the full art of making drums with them.  With Lynn and Caer Corhrain, we birthed hundreds drums, all done in an honourable way and in ceremony, and those drums have shared their voice and healing with many.

Now, with Heron Drums, I feel very honoured with how it has grown to the point that these drums are sounding their rhythm all across the world, with some as far as Australia, and very loudly all across the UK, as well as being able to supply many other top drum makers. It is an honour to birth drums, to see others birth drums, and now that Heron Drums is supplying drum makers all over the world, it is beautiful to be a part of the journey of so many people coming into connection with themselves and the heartbeat of the land through these sacred instruments.

Heron Drums has shared the sacred craft of drum birthing with hundreds over the past few years, with some travelling from the US, South Africa, Iceland and Taiwan to learn with us. I feel very strongly that is our mission to share these sacred tools with as many people as we can so that more have access to the tools with which they can connect with the sacred and with spirit.

Jonathan also shares his courses, workshops and retreats around the UK, working with shamanic practice and ceremony, earth based spirituality and sacred men's work. More details can be found at www.jonathanweekes.co.uk