Small Leather Pouches for Drum Crystals


Small Leather Pouches for Drum Crystals

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Small leather pouch to tie to shamanic drums for holding crystals or herbs.

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Small leather pouches for binding to the handle of your Shamanic Drum so that a crystal can be placed in the pouch for when the drum. As such, you may have to have one crystal in there to support you in your own personal journeys and another in their when you are using the drum for healing on another person. 

Similarly, for those who work with plants and herbs, it is possible with these to place a small bundle of herbs into the pouches or even ash from a sacred fire, so that their qualities of spirit can work with you, also, while they sit comfortably in your hand.

These leather pouches come with a short piece of cord that is long enough to tie it around the drum handle, and are available in Light Tan, Terracotta and Dark Brown. 


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