Ovoid Shamanic Drum Made to Order


Ovoid Shamanic Drum Made to Order

from 249.00

Bespoke Shamanic Drums, made to your specifications and imbued with your prayers and intentions.

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These beautiful handmade Shamanic drums are made to order with natural hide and traditionally hand cut lacing and made in a mindful way, in ceremony and with an individual blessing.

Ovoid Hoop

The ovoid shape to the hoop creates a wider range of different tones depending on where on the drum head it is played and is more similar to traditional northern European styles of drum used within shamanic ceremony and healing.

Traditional Cross Handle

The symbol of the equal armed cross is an ancient symbol, carved into rock and painted on cave walls for millennia. It is known as the solar cross, and for many symbolises the medicine wheel, the four directions, the four, and the four seasons.

For this style of drum, the hoop options are Ash or Birch.

Options for the Hide

The Horse

Horse is generally darker in colour

The Horse is a symbol of moving forward with power and determination. The Shamanic Drum is also known as the “Shaman’s Horse” as the Shaman rides on the back of the rhythm into the journey. As such, horse drums are often great as journeying drums.

The Stag

Stag is often a light/dark tan colour

The stag is a symbol of strength, of standing tall and proud and pushing through adversity with those powerful antlers that carry so much timeless wisdom. Working with the stag medicine, one maintains focus on their goals and plans, and with their head down and driving forward, can overcome all obstacles.

The Reindeer

Reindeer is often a cream colour

The Reindeer is a gentle spirit and a great healer. Just like the Reindeer in the Father Christmas story, the Reindeer represents the journey in the other worlds. In Mongolia, there are carved depictions of Reindeer flying in the sky dating back to 3,000 years ago. Reindeer drums are often great journeying drums or personal drums.

Crystal bound into the handle

It is possible to have a CRYSTAL bound into the handle. Please tell us what crystal you would like, or if you would prefer no crystal. We are able to use many and most crystals for the handle, though if you require something special for the handle of your drum, we will discuss this individually with you. In some cases, it may require an extra cost to order the stone.


With regard to SIZE, generally, the larger the drum is, the deeper the tone is.

Processing Time

Made to order drums usually take up to 4 weeks to prepare, birth and leave to dry completely before sending on to you.


At Heron Drums, we work with natural materials and animal hides - this way the strength and the spirit of the animal and the tree live on and its heartbeat will take so many on beautiful journeys. All of the hides and hoops for our shamanic drums are ethically and sustainably sourced, meaning that the hides are sourced from wild culled stags, where the hides are otherwise discarded, and the wood for the hoops is from sustainably managed forests. Because of this, patterns and styles will vary.

With your drum, you will also receive a drum beater that has been especially paired with the drum to best bring out its voice.