Ceremonial Drum Made to Order


Ceremonial Drum Made to Order

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Ceremonial Drums made to order for your community, imbued with your prayers and intentions.

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These beautiful handmade Ceremonial Drums are made to order with natural hide and traditionally hand cut lacing and made in a mindful way, in ceremony and with an individual blessing. 

The Ceremonial Drums are the largest drums we make, and all have a deep powerful voice. Their size allows a number of people to stand around them and play together, uniting their voice as one, and so are great for drumming circles, and group ceremonies.  

OPTIONS for the hide
HORSE is generally darker in colour 
The Horse is a symbol of moving forward with power and determination. The Shamanic Drum is also known as the “Shaman’s Horse” as the Shaman rides on the back of the rhythm into the journey. As such, horse drums are often great as journeying drums.

STAG is often a light/dark tan colour 
The stag is a symbol of strength, of standing tall and proud and pushing through adversity with those powerful antlers that carry so much timeless wisdom. Working with the stag medicine, one maintains focus on their goals and plans, and with their head down and driving forward, can overcome all obstacles.

REINDEER is often a cream colour
The Reindeer is a gentle spirit and a great healer. Just like the Reindeer in the Father Christmas story, the Reindeer represents the journey in the other worlds. In Mongolia, there are carved depictions of Reindeer flying in the sky dating back to 3,000 years ago. Reindeer drums are often great journeying drums or personal drums.

At Heron Drums, we work with natural materials and animal hides - this way the strength and the spirit of the animal and the tree live on and its heartbeat will take so many on beautiful journeys. Because of this, patterns and colouration will vary.

STAND IS INCLUDED. It requires some simple assembly
TWO BEATERS ARE INCLUDED that have been especially made for the drum to best bring out its voice.