Birch Drum Hoop


Birch Drum Hoop

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Stunningly made Birch drum hoops for drum making. Available in 14", 16", 18".

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Stunningly made Birch drum hoops for drum making. Available in 14", 16", 18" diameter, 2.5"-3" in depth and the thickness of the hoops is 1cm. As they are all individually made items, there may be minor differences in diameter. 

These hoops are made from a single bent piece of solid Birch, with a solid join. The edges have all been rounded , with only minor finishing needed to protect drum heads from damage while making the drum.

The Birch Tree

As the Birch tree was the first to populate a forests in Europe, after the last ice age, she is considered the tree of new beginnings, a pioneer tree, and created the environment for other trees and plants to follow her. The Birch has always been a tree of cleansing, or healing, in Northern European traditions where “birching” is a way of cleansing before a ceremonial sauna, and brushing a house with Birch twigs is a way of clearing out bad spirits. In Siberian traditions, the Birch is considered the world tree, or axis mundi, and acted as the bridge between the upper worlds and the lower worlds.

As such, the drum with a birch hoop works well for healing, for journeying and particularly a strong ally in moving forward in our own personal journeys.

Sustainable Wood

All of the wood for our hoops comes from sustainably managed forests, meaning that efforts are made to manage the landscape to prevent damage to eco-systems, watersheds, wildlife and the trees themselves.

Wholesale Orders

These hoops are sold individually or bulk orders are possible at wholesale rates. Please contact us to arrange bulk orders.


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