Shamanic Drum Birthing Workshops

Your very own drum is a special friend who will heal you, take you on breathtaking journeys and share with you a connection and oneness with all. To birth your own drum is a truly rewarding experience; putting your love, intent and energy into this powerful medicine tool will make a truly special drum for you indeed.

In this full day workshop, you will birth your own Shamanic Drum in a day of ceremony, honouring the spirits of the animal and the tree. We make our drums in the traditional way using lacing cut from the same hide, thus keeping the spirit of the animal within the drum. When you have birthed your drum, you will be led on a journey to connect with the spirit of your drum. 

Your drum can be either stag, reindeer, or horse - please let me know at point of booking and paying deposits which you would like to work with. All of our hides are ethically and responsibly sourced, for more information click here. For information on the spiritual associations of each of the hides, I have more information on this here.

The cost per person on the drum birthing workshop for a 16" drum is £250 (incl. VAT). We do have other size options available, please see below. A 50% non-refundable deposits are needed as early as possible to secure your place and to allow us time to source and prepare the materials for the workshop. You also receive a drum beater for your new drum.

Jonathan visits centres, groups and circles around the country to share the art of drum birthing and spread this ancient skill and knowledge with all those that feel the love of the drum.

To invite Jonathan to hold a private drum birthing ceremony at your centre, please visit the contact page.


What to bring 

Large towel to wrap you drum in, blanket and pillow to lay on for the shamanic journey, packed lunch. If you are putting a crystal in the handle of your drum, something flat about the size of a 10p piece is ideal.

Workshop Timings

We aim to start the workshops at 9.30am, so please arrive from 9am. We do not have a set end-time as I do not wish to rush people in making their drums, but we usually finish between 5pm and 6pm. That time is just a guide, so we do not recommend that you plan an evening too tightly to those times.