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Articles by Jonathan Weekes, giving more details about the Shamanic Drums and medicine tools that are sold through this site and other articles on similar topics that would be of interest to visitors to this site.


To respond to many of the common enquiries that I have regarding my Shamanic Drums and other items, I will be adding a series of articles to this page to give details of the drums that I make here, of my ethos, and to give helpful guidance to people who are looking to begin their journey with the Shamanic drum.

By Jonathan Weekes, Apr 5 2015 06:00AM

Many of you know that one thing that is important to me is promoting and encouraging drumming circles and groups that offer a space for people to drum together and journey together, for their own healing or to connect with something sacred. More and more people have a local drumming group that they can attend, but your drum is not just for a once- a-month outing. Your drum is a sacred tool, a friend, to assist you on your ongoing spiritual journey. For those who would like more opportunity to drum, this article is for you.

By Jonathan Weekes, Jul 23 2014 01:06PM

Your drum is a living being. It will become your teacher, your healer and your friend. As such, you will want to look after it and care for it properly. When it is cared for, your drum will want to sing for a long, long time. Having a hide drum, it is necessary to consider where you store your drum, how you transport it, where you play it, and how you look after it.

By Jonathan Weekes, Jul 2 2014 06:57PM

The question I get most often from people interested in my Shamanic Drums and my Shamanic Drum Birthing workshops is regarding the hides: Where do the hides come from? Has a deer been killed just for this drum? These are important questions to ask, and it is important to think about your ethical standpoint on this. I would like to share with you my own.

By Jonathan Weekes, Mar 24 2014 11:16PM

By choosing a drum birthed with natural products, you invite the wisdom and medicine of the trees and animals into your life. Here are a few details about the common symbolism of the different hides and woods that make up our drums at Heron Drums.

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