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UK Shamanic Drums:

Drum birthing workshops, and Drum making supplies, hoops and hides

Shamanic drum maker, Jonathan Weekes, offers group Shamanic Drum Birthing Ceremonies across the UK, Shamanic Drums to purchase from the online shop as well as bespoke orders.

All drums are made in the traditional way, using lacing cut from the same hide, thus keeping the spirit of the animal within the drum, and within ceremony to honour the spirit of the animal and the tree that gave of themselves to bring this sacred medicine tool into being. Your own drum is a guide, healer, teacher and friend, that guides you on a special journey of inner exploration.


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Shamanic Drum Online Shop

Shamanic Drum Online Shop

Shamanic Drum Online Shop

Shamanic Drum Online Shop

See our Drums at:

As well as the drums that we have listed on our online shop, a number of our Shamanic Drums are stocked and available to see purchase from different shops and retailers around the UK.


If you would like to stock our drums in your shop, please contact us.

Heart Centre, 235 High Street, Kirkcaldy, Fife, KY1 1JF


Fortune Faeries, 32 High Street, Stroud, GL5 1AJ


Feathers Healing, Le Petit Nid, Rue de la Hambie, St. Saviour, Jersey JE2 7UQ

About our drums....

Our shamanic drums are used by followers of the shamanic path for journeying, for music, for healing, for drum circles and for the great feeling of empowerment and connection with spirit that they enable.


All of the shamanic drums  are birthed in ceremony, honouring the spirit of the animals and trees that they are made from, and all materials for the drums are ethically sourced.


Our shamanic drums and medicine tools are made with an intention that they become powerful teachers, guides, healers and friends to those who use them and an important part of their spiritual growth and exploration.


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