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How To Order a Bespoke Shamanic Drum

To order your Bespoke Shamanic Drum, complete the form opposite, giving all of your preferences.


Paying for your Bespoke Shamanic Drum

Once we have received your form for your Bespoke Shamanic Drum, we will calculate and invoice you for the drum cost to be paid in full.


Processing Time

We usually allow 3-4 weeks processing time for Bespoke Shamanic Drums, starting from the point of the order being paid. This allows time for the preparation of the materials, the birthing of the drum, the full drying process, and time for it to be shipped to you.


If you need your drum sooner, please indicate in the form below, and we will be able to let you know whether we realistically be able to get your drum to you sooner.



All of our Shamanic Drums, including bespoke order include free UK shipping.


For international orders, we will give an estimate of the shipping quote when we calculate the price for you. International shipping prices do change over time and so while we will always look to keep to the original estimate in the case of small changes, if there is a large increase in shipping cost, we will contact you as early as possible about the additional cost.



If you have a discount code that applies to this order, please put this in this form. The discount will be applied to the calculation for the price of your Shamanic Drum.


One Year Guarantee

As with all of our Shamanic Drums, your drum is covered by our Guarantee. To see more details, click here.





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Bespoke Shamanic Drums

A Shamanic Drum is a sacred medicine tool which has its own spirit and energy that works with you and supports you on the journeys and healing work that you undertake together.


We create bespoke drums, made to order, with the particular combination of energies that you require for your own special medicine tool.


Read our guide, Choosing a Shamanic Drum for information about the different options available.






Size of Drum


14" Round          £189

16" Round          £219

18" Round          £249

20" Round          £279

22" Round          £299

24" Round          £349


14"x18" Ovoid   £249

16"x20" Ovoid   £279

18"x22" Ovoid   £299


Hide Preference


Stag                    included

Horse                 included

Reindeer            included

Boar                    +£20


Wood Preference


Oak*                   included

Ash                     included

Birch*                 included

Willow                 included


*Ovoid drums only available in Oak and Birch




Many people work with crystals and sacred stones within their spiritual practice and healing work and would like these bound into the handles of the drum. I am able to source many crystals to be bound into the handles, included in the price. For rarer or more expensive crystals, there may be an additional cost to cover the crystal. If you have your own crystal that you would like bound into the handle, you can post this to me to be part of your drum.



Traditional Cross       included


This handle style has four equal length arms, symbolic of the medicine wheel or solar cross, and is based on the traditional Coastal Salish handle style. This handle style is available with or without a crystal.





Spiralling Cross          included


Similarly connected to the medicine wheel, this handle style represents the motion of the cycles of life and is based on many ancient depictions of the solar cross. This handle style is available with or without a crystal.



Trispiral                       included


Based on the triple spiral carvings across the British Isles dating back thousands of years, this is one of Heron Drums' original handle styles to connect with this symbol of our ancestors. This handle style is available with or without a crystal.



Goddess Handle        +£20


To honour the divine feminine, this handle puts the Goddess at the centre of the this drum and is popular with those working with womens healing groups. This is another of Heron Drums' original handle styles and is available with or without a crystal.



Horned God Handle  +£20


To honour the balance with the divine masculine, and to honour one of the old gods of this land, the Horned God handle is inspired by ancient traditions connected to these Antlered Gods. This handle style is also possible with Reindeer drums to represent the Antlered Goddess, Elen.

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Handle Style